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Horizon Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

company number 08411590

registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Bilton Community Primary School


Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent:

At Bilton Community Primary School we offer all children a high quality education to ensure that they are well-equipped for the next stages in their education.

We are a welcoming, successful and inclusive school. We recognise everyone as a unique individual with their own ambitions, skills and knowledge.

Our school provides an environment that encourages life-long learning. We aim for all of our pupils to be highly successful members of modern British society.

Respect, leadership, motivation, resilience, self-control, self-confidence and effective communications skills are all attributes that we wish to develop in our children.

In addition, our pupils are provided with a firm grounding in core skills including reading, writing, spelling, grammar and mathematics.

Curriculum Implementation:

Through high quality teaching of knowledge, skills and vocabulary across core and foundation subjects, all children will be challenged to be inquisitive, compassionate, courageous and creative learners. They will have opportunities to influence their own learning through age appropriate and progressive themes and topics. Effective learning characteristics including being ambitious, reflective and imaginative will drive teaching and learning. 

We are constantly evolving our curriculum to respond to the needs of learners and their interests. We aim to develop outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning based in their locality, and who also have an understanding of the wider world and its complex cultures.

Our curriculum includes formal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum. The School also provides a range of extra-curricular activities in order to enrich the experiences of our children.

A topic based approach is taken to curriculum planning. This incorporates the key knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum. Each topic is focused on a range of curriculum areas and subjects.

Curriculum Impact:

Our children will have a confident set of skills, knowledge, and British values which can be used to get ahead in education and life more generally; this will be reflected in both their self-confidence and academic performance. Consequently, they will be ready for their next stage in education and to contribute to society as they move through life.